Week 2 Theme: Bladder Cancer

Welcome to Week 2 of Bladder Health Month. During November, the Foundation will be raising awareness about many conditions that affect the bladder and other parts of the urinary tract, in both men and women. Learn more by viewing and sharing these resources about Bladder Cancer.

Patient Resource Materials

 (Non-Muscle Invasive) Bladder Cancer Patient Guide

A 12-page guide to help patients understand diagnosis and treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.


What is Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer?

Read about the signs, causes, factors and treatment of Bladder Cancer in this article from the Foundation. Visit our Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer web page to learn about that condition.

Blog Posts

What to Know about Bladder Cancer
Do Women Have an Increased Chance of Bladder Cancer?
Exploring the Causes and Risk Factors of Bladder Cancer

Other Resources

UrologyHealth extra® article Bladder Cancer in Women 

Social Media

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  • This year, more than 81k men and women will get #BladderCancer, & about 17k will die from the disease. Follow #BladdersMatter http://bit.ly/2J2WZuN
  • Smokers are three times as likely to get #BladderCancer than nonsmokers. Get the facts: http://bit.ly/1KvrqqI #BladdersMatter
  • #BladderCancer is the fourth most common cancer in men. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2J2WZuN #BladdersMatter


  • This year, about 81,000 people will be told they have bladder Cancer. Learn more about this disease at: http://bit.ly/1IovNSK #BladdersMatter
  • Smoking is the leading cause of bladder cancer - smokers are three times as likely to be diagnosed with bladder cancer as those who have never picked up a cigarette. Get the facts: http://bit.ly/2J2WZuN #BladdersMatter
  • Bladder cancer occurs mainly in older adults. About 9 out of 10 adults with this cancer are over the age of 55 - the average age at the time of diagnosis is 73. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2J2WZuN #BladdersMatter
  • One of the most common signs of bladder cancer in women is blood in the urine. Take control of your Bladder Health. Get the facts: http://bit.ly/2J2WZuN #BladdersMatter