Ask the Experts: What are Ways to Stay Fit this Winter without a Gym Membership?

What are Ways to Stay Fit this Winter without a Gym Membership?

While a membership to a gym is great for those who have access to one in their area, there are plenty of ways to stay fit this season. You have many exercise options that can be done indoors or in the comfort of your home.

If you subscribe to cable, you may have access to free workout programs through the On Demand feature. There are also plenty of workout videos for free to watch on YouTube. Mall walking is another popular way to exercise indoors during the winter. Many malls open early to allow people to exercise.

Try video games that are designed to boost your fitness level. These include Wii Fit and PlayStation Move. If there's an unseasonably warm day, take advantage of it and exercise outdoors! If you'll be in the streets, stay safe by wearing reflective gear since the sun sets earlier during this time of year.

Pick up a few base layers of clothes to put underneath your outerwear. It's been proven that when properly attired, you burn more calories in colder weather while your body works to stay warm.

Anne Calvaresi, CRNP specializes in urology and urologic oncology at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. She is also a member of the Urology Care Foundation's Public Education Council.