Ask the Experts: Can You Recommend Apps I Can Use To Help Me Locate Bathrooms?

Ask the Experts: Can You Recommend Apps I Can Use To Help Me Locate Bathrooms?

The summer is a great time of year to travel, but you may not have direct access to a bathroom when you are on the road or in a town you are not familiar with. This can make travel harder for those with bladder issues, such as incontinence. Luckily, there are many apps to help those with incontinence and many are on hand for free in the GooglePlay and/or iTunes stores for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android device.

Toilet Finder is a popular free app (search: "Toilet Finder" in iTunes or GooglePlay). With more than 150,000 restrooms in its database, Toiler Finder will help you find restrooms around you. SitOrSquat is another free app that can help find public restrooms near where you plan to travel.

Bladder Pal, available on iTunes, can be helpful in tracking your urinary habits. It has an intake and output tracker as well as leak and pad change tracking. The American Urological Association's symptom score is included too, which helps patients and their doctors evaluate symptoms and how they react to treatment.

iUFlow is a free app available in both iTunes and GooglePlay that helps you track your bladder activities. This lets you to keep notes about your incontinence that you can share with your doctor.
You can also visit to download and print the Bladder Diary. This is a free tool that lets you keep track of how much liquid you drink, how often you urinate and when you have symptoms of incontinence.

Ronald Yap, MD, MBA, is a Board Certified Urologist in Concord, NH. He is Director of the Men's Urologic Health Program at Concord Hospital.