What are the Causes of Hematuria?

  1. Urinary infection
  2. Enlarged Prostate in older men
  3. Kidney or bladder stones
  4. Period in women
  5. Prostate infection
  6. Kidney disease
  7. Kidney trauma
  8. Bladder cancer (mostly in smokers)
  9. Kidney cancer
  10. Blood thinning drugs (aspirin, coumadin/warfarin)
  11. Anti-swelling drugs (joint swelling and pain pills)
  12. Tough workout

When blood is found in the urine, health care providers want to make sure there is not a serious health issue involved such as a tumor in the kidney or bladder  . Urological cancers are rarely the cause of blood in the urine. Only about 2 or 3 of every 100 people with microscopic hematuria are found to have cancer.

When you actually see blood in the urine, it is called "gross hematuria." This is much more likely to be tied to a cancer or other health issue that needs medical care.