Kidney sparing surgery using segmental resection
Kidney sparing surgery using segmental resection

Surgery is the first step to remove and treat a kidney tumor. A surgeon will try to save as much of the kidney as possible. A person can live with part of one working kidney without too much trouble. If both kidneys are removed or not working, dialysis is needed. Dialysis is a machine outside of the body used to clean the blood.

Nephrectomy is the surgery used to treat kidney cancer. There are three types:

  • Radical nephrectomy: to remove an entire kidney, nearby adrenal gland and lymph nodes, and other surrounding tissue
  • Partial nephrectomy: to remove the kidney tumor, but not an entire kidney

The type of surgery you are offered will depend on the:

  • Surgeon’s choice
  • Tumor’s location
  • Tumor’s grade
  • Tumor’s stage

Options include:

  • Traditional: a 10-inch cut in the abdomen is made to remove the tumor(s)
  • Laparoscopy: Tube-like instruments are inserted in the abdomen through small “key-hole” cuts to remove the tumor(s)

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