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General Urology Podcasts

Episode 147: What Patients Should Know About Vasectomy Reversal with Dr. Larry Lipshultz

Episode 145: Urology 101, an Introduction to Urology

Episode 144: Miscellaneous Urology Questions during COVID-19 with Dr. Brian Stork

Episode 141: How to Prep for a Urology Visit with Dr. Brian Stork

Episode 140: Healthy Restroom Habits with Dr. Casey Kowalik

Episode 135: Exploring the Benefits of Telehealth with Dr. Kevin McVary

Episode 129: Hematuria, a Patient's Guide to Blood In The Urine

Episode 124: How to Strengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Episode 121: Common Urine Tests in Urology with Dr. David Rapp

Episode 120: Self-Catheterization, a Patient's Guide with Dr. Ja-Hong Kim

Episode 117: Cystoscopy, a Patient's Guide with Dr. Julie Riley

Episode 114: Smoking and Vaping's Impact on Urologic Health with Dr. Keith Kowalczyk

Episode 111: Immunotherapy for Urothelial Cancer with Dr. Costas Lallas

Episode 103: The Spookiest Instruments in Urology History with Tupper Stevens

Episode 101: What to Know About Pain Management

Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with Dr. Brian Stork and Casey Callanan

Episode 92: What to Know about Vaginal Mesh with Dr. Victor Nitti

Episode 87: Women's Urology with Dr. Elizabeth Timbrook Brown

Episode 86: Adrenal Gland 101 with Dr. Ben Ristau

Episode 84: Myths and Facts about Men's Health with Dr. Stanton Honig

Episode 83: Men's Urology Health Tune-Up

Episode 78: What You Should Know About Teaching Hospitals with Dr. Kevin Koo

Episode 63: The Story of Dr. R. Frank Jones with guest Dr. Unwanaobong Nseyo

Episode 61: Opioids in Urology with Dr. Greg Auffenberg

Episode 56: What to Expect at Your First Urology Visit with Dr. Mark Fallick

Episode 55: Hematuria: What Does Blood in the Urine Mean? with Dr. Ben Ristau

Episode 54: Diet and Exercise Advice while undergoing Cancer Treatments with Dr. J. Kellogg Parsons

Episode 52: Common Tests to Expect in Urology with Dr. Mark Fallick

Episode 50: Urotrauma with Dr. Mark Edney

Episode 47: Urethral Strictures and Urology Health with Dr. Rajiv Singal

Episode 39: Generic Drug Prices and What Patients Should Know with Dr. Jason Jameson

Episode 36: How the Choosing Wisely Campaign Impacts Patients with Dr. Danil Makarov

Episode 32: Taking Advantage of Urology Care Foundation Resources with Dr. Brian Stork

Episode 19: Urology 101 with Dr. Matt Nielsen

Episode 17: Sensitive Issues in Urology with Dr. Sam Chang

Episode 16: Care While On Immunotherapy with Drs. Tracy Rose and Angela Smith

Episode 14: Immunotherapy for Urology with Dr. Joshua Meeks

Episode 13: What you Need to Know about Telemedicine with Drs. Aaron Spitz and Eugene Rhee

Episode 3: Get the Facts on Diabetes and Urology Health with Dr. Bruce Redmon

Episode 1: Crucial Men's Health Facts with Dr. Martin Miner

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